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Let the March Book Madness Begin!

Posted on: March 6, 2017

Memorial Middle School Library presents the 1st annual March Madness!

We have chosen 16 ‘Sweet’ books (by popularity) and you can vote each week in March to chose the Great 8, Final 4, Top 2 and the MMSL Best Book Champion.  Each week votes are counted and entered into a drawing for prizes, so don’t forget to put in your name. Staff is also encouraged to vote, but voting is limited to MMS students and staff only.

The Best Book at MMSL will be announced at the assembly on Friday, March 24th!

The Final Four are now up in the library display case! Vote this week for your favorite and you’ll be entered in Friday’s drawing!  Haven’t read one or both of them? Vote HERE for the one you would most like to read!

What will the favorite be?

Bond projects are planned for every school. See the list for information

Posted on: March 4, 2017

If Ballot Measure 22-165 is approved by voters, all schools will see facility improvements.

Projects are planned to meet the following priorities:

  • Make critical facility upgrades
  • Make energy improvements
  • Address security, safety, seismic needs
  • Rebuild/remodel schools to offer vocational technical classes
  • Relieve school overcrowding

See the project list for information about projects planned for each school.

Work group develops plan for vocational (CTE) programs in bond proposal

Posted on: February 20, 2017

Vocational technical training, also known as Career Technical programs and applied learning, helps students learn about possible career paths and prepare for the workforce. These programs also increase the chance that a student will graduate.

The Oregon Department of Education has data that shows students are more likely to graduate if they participate in a vocational technical, or CTE, program:

According to the Oregon Department of Education, “The 2013-2014 four-year cohort graduation rate for CTE concentrators in Oregon was 85.7%; for all students (including CTE concentrators) it was 76.4%. An Oregon CTE concentrator is a student who has earned one or more credits in a technical skill course(s) within an Oregon state-approved CTE Program of Study.” 

Projects in Ballot Measure 22-165 would include remodeling existing classrooms and building new instructional space to allow hands-on activities in high-demand career fields.

A recent work group identified current and planned vocational technical education programs that would be added to all middle and high schools if the bond passes in May.

Read the program development report for more information.

Find more information about Ballot Measure 22-165.