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Principal, Mr. Ken Gilbert

gilbert_kenI was born in Laconia, New Hampshire where I lived for the first eight years of my life. After that I moved to Oregon and went to a few schools in the Eugene/Springfield area before my family settled in Halsey. I graduated from Central Linn High School in 1989 and decided I was tired of school. I took a few classes at Lane Community College before deciding two years later what I really wanted to do. I went into the field of education and loved it. I transferred to O.S.U where I received by B.S. in Liberal Studies. After that, I went to Willamette University where I received my Masters in Teaching degree. I did my student teaching at Memorial for one year with Bill Kinkley in a 7th grade math class. At the end of the year, I applied for and received a classified position helping out the summer school program. During the program I applied for and received a teaching position with MMS. The first three years here I taught blocks of math and science to eighth graders. For the last six years I taught mainly math to 7th and 8th graders. In 2006 I finished my classes to receive my Administrators Certificate from the University of Oregon.

I have a wife named Tami and two boys named Kyle and Kaleb. I also have an old mutt named T-Bone and a younger one named Missy along with two cats named Rose and Boston. I enjoy spending time with my family riding quads, throwing horseshoes in tournaments, and camping. I’m a Beaver Believer along with rooting for the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, and Miami Dolphins.


Assistant Principal,  Ms. Stevie Drake

Stevie Drake

I am a Pacific Northwesterner through and through. I was born and raised in Washington State, and received my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Teaching through Western Washington University. I decided pretty quickly that, while I definitely wanted to work in education, counseling fit me better than teaching, so when I moved to Oregon almost 15 years ago, I attended Oregon State University (go Beavs!), where I received my Master’s in School Counseling. I’ve worked as a school counselor for a decade, and then I decided to pursue my Administrative Certification through Portland State University. I’ve been lucky to transition from counselor to Dean of Behavior and now to Assistant Principal in my last couple of years at Memorial. I’m very excited for what this new role will bring!

I love spending time with my daughter Ruby; some of our favorite places to go are the beach, out in the woods hiking, or just hanging out reading, which we both love to do. We have an old cat named Tupelo, and we love spending time with our family and friends. I am an unashamed University of Washington football fan, which makes for some fun rivalries with my colleagues and students during football season.


Dean of StudentsMrs. Traci Beaver    Email


Name: Position: Email:
Elizabeth Anderson Registrar/Counseling Secretary Email
Erin Cordle Office Manager Email
Krissy Faulkner Special Ed Clerical Specialist II Email
Stephanie Moss Front Office Email
Kathleen Skillingstad Front Office Email


Name: Position: Email: Website:
Kayla Crossan  Counselor Email
Katie Louk  Counselor Email


Name: Position: Email: Website:
Kayla Adair Math Email
Kara Bartlett Functional Skills Email
Tracy Bates Health/ Social Studies/Success Email
Chris Bright Science / Graphics/ Career Email Website
Lauren Burchfiel Language Arts Email
Brian Moore Math Email
Ben Deardurff Resource Email
Danielle Duman Math Email
RJ Emick Language Arts/Drama Email
Julie Epton Science Email
Bryce Hinkle Social Studies Email
Kayla Hunt Social Communications Email
Brittany Ketter Language Arts/ Advanced LA/ Creative Writing Email
Melissa Koenig Resource Email
Athena Lawson Art Email
Linsay Lombardi Language Arts Email
Joseph Meekins PE Email
Michelle Meekins Health/Leadership Email
Susan Miller Technology/Personal Finance Email
Kerrie O’Brien Science Email
Liz O’Donnell ELD/Social Studies Email
Mikaila KB Quintanilla Math/ Spanish Email
Stephanie Rabago Avid Email
Heather Rogers PE Email
Danielle Saxton Speech Email
Philip Schapker Alternative Education Email
Stuart Schweizer Social Studies Email
Suzanne Smith Library/Home Ec Email
Jason Snider Science / Engineering Email
Randy Solansky Band/Choir Email
Heidi Wetherell Reading Email

Classified Staff

Name: Position: Email: Website:
Ashley Avery SEA Email
Kathryn Borninski ALT Ed Assistant Email
Peter Cook SEA Email
Terri DeStafano Library Email
Hannah Gammon Personal Care Assistant Email
Anna Harris SEA Email
Jody Macedo SEA Email
Rod Miner SEA Email
Keri Ramsey Personal Care Assistant Email
Bridget Truax SEA Email
Aaron Wells SEA Email

Custodial Staff

Name: Position: Email: Website:
Melissa Fullerton Head Custodian Email
Marcus Garrett Custodian
Bob Slowik Custodian

Kitchen Staff

Name: Position: Email: Website:
Debi Bryant Kitchen Manager Email

As required under NCLB, ‘No Child Left Behind,’ Parents may request information regarding the professional qualifications of their student’s classroom teachers.