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Our counseling center is a friendly place that attempts to meet the variety of needs of students and their parents. We offer support for academic, and emotional concerns.

Schedule Changes

Changes will be considered when necessary, only after consulting with student, parent, counselor, teacher and on some occasions an administrator. If you would like a schedule change, have a parent may send a note with their student requesting a change.

Other Helpful Information

Our counseling office provides individual counseling to students who are needing help sorting out troubles. It also provides weekly progress reports for students who need close monitoring of grades. The center also helps students be successful in school by monitoring grades, and meeting with students individually and their parents to develop plans to improve academic success.


Parents may schedule a conference with teacher/teachers at any time during the school year by contacting our counseling office (541-967-4643). Our teachers appreciate the regular contact made by parents who are interested in working with the staff to support their child’s education.

Special Teacher Requests

Forecasting for the next school year happens in the spring. Students sign up for Elective Classes by order of preference.

In most situations, we will not honor requests for students to be assigned to a specific teacher. Each member of our Memorial teaching staff is a talented, well-prepared team player who strives to give the best instruction to all students.

If students have an educational need, the parent may make a written request to the principal detailing the special circumstances that might warrant preferential placement. The principal will review the request and then notify the parent of the results by phone.

Discussion Groups

Discussion groups of 6 to 10 students gather throughout the school year. Groups meet once a week for 6 to 8 weeks during school hours. Groups are centered around themes such as: loss, divorce, friendships, school success, conflict resolution.

Web Mentors

Web Mentor Program – helps train 8th grade students to work with 6th graders on orientation day.