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Let the March Book Madness Begin!

Posted on: March 6, 2017

Memorial Middle School Library presents the 1st annual March Madness!

We have chosen 16 ‘Sweet’ books (by popularity) and you can vote each week in March to chose the Great 8, Final 4, Top 2 and the MMSL Best Book Champion.  Each week votes are counted and entered into a drawing for prizes, so don’t forget to put in your name. Staff is also encouraged to vote, but voting is limited to MMS students and staff only.

The Best Book at MMSL will be announced at the assembly on Friday, March 24th!

The Final Four are now up in the library display case! Vote this week for your favorite and you’ll be entered in Friday’s drawing!  Haven’t read one or both of them? Vote HERE for the one you would most like to read!

What will the favorite be?